Friday, August 1, 2008

Day One

August 1, 2008: The first day of my week of freedom between full-time employment and leaping blindly into the mysterious world of law school. Yesterday being my last day, we had lunch at La Caretta, where I had some amazing ceviche, and I was showered with very sweet and totally unexpected gifts (see: Totoro).
It kind of feels weird having my last day be a Thursday - my nagging need for closure keeps insisting that I finish the week - but seeing as how my first day of orientation is next Friday, it's only fair that I take a good, solid week off. There are SO many things I have been planning to get done this week that I'm sure I won't get around to half of them, but it's way too early in the week (and the morning) to worry about that. Right now I just need to concentrate on willing the rain away so I can float in the pool today. I'd really feel better about everything if my car was home and well, but as it is, it is sick and away. In seven years it's never had any problems, but I guess it's finally starting to show its age. So I guess I had it in my head that some blogging about all the nonsense zooming through my little brain would be somehow therapeutic, alas, it has only made me dwell upon all these little loose ends that are bugging me. Maybe I'll make some brownies.