Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Yesterday being Hans Christian Andersen's birthday, I decided to finally tackle Grandmother (ha) which my aversion to drawing humans caused me to avoid.

I don't have much of a comment on the story itself, but some notes on the drawing:

I think it came out a lot spookier than I'd intended. The feeling of the story is endearing, rather than ghoulish, but I think my corpse is more creepy than not. (Especially since I chose to ignore the part of the text that describes dead Grandmother as no longer appearing wrinkled and old.)
Furthermore, I really wanted to show the corpse, coffin, prayer book, and rose all at once. The device I settled on for achieving this is actually inspired by similar effects that I've seen in video games (the secret is *here* - go get it!). Not sure how successful I was with that, but there you have it. Happy belated birthday, HCA.

The hymn-book, in which the rose still lay, was placed under her head, for so she had wished it; and then they buried grandmother.

Graphite on moleskine.