Monday, May 16, 2011

Hans Meets Wes

So, I bet you're wondering, "what's with the goofy title?"

I read The Friendship Pact, a.k.a. The Shepherd's Story of the Bond of Friendship, long, long ago.  Probably even before that last *cough*filler*cough* post.  It inspired in me a very specific idea for an illustration.  So specific, and - dare I say - so grand, was this idea, that I knew I could not (or at least, would not) devote the time and energy toward doing it justice.  Thus in the grand tradition of How Sarah Does Shit, I put it off forever and ever until I finally just wound up doing a kind of pared-down, half-assed version of my original, fantastic idea.

Have I overhyped it?

The Friendship Pact - yes, I prefer the shorter title - in short, tells the tale of a guy, (presumably a shepherd, as per the wordy translation of the title - honestly it's been so long since I read it I don't remember whether he was a shepherd or what, but I don't feel like re-reading it now) who has an adopted sister and a best buddy.  Stuff happens, the two friends make some elaborate pact of friendship, and in the end, they confess to each other that they are both in love with the shepherd's adopted sister.  Upon reading this, a veritable Christmas tree's worth of tiny light bulbs went on in my Wes Anderson-obsessed brain.  Of course!  It's just like The Royal Tenenbaums!  How profound!  

Several minutes later, said brain was even heard to exclaim, "Andersen, Anderson; brilliant!!"

The original (and fabulous) plan was to draw the three main characters of the Andersen tale as Richie and Margot Tenenbaum and Eli Cash performing the friendship pact as per the story.  Who would've guessed I'd never follow through with that one, eh?  So, in the end, I just did a little sketch of Margot and Richie from a screencap.  Lame as it may be, I'll still consider it a little homage to one of the best films EVAR, and a little portrait practice.  My likenesses pretty much suck.  Oh well.
Kudos to moleskine paper for taking all my erasing like a champ.

You're in love with Richie. Which is sick. And gross
Graphite on moleskine.