Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Snow Queen: 6 of 7

Sixth Story:

The Lapland Woman and the Finland Woman

While laying low while Hurricane Isaac blew over, my sketchbook scribblings meandered back to The Snow Queen.  Hopefully, once I'm finished with this seven-part tale, my interest in this project will be renewed and Hans Christian Andersen's writings will again become a legitimate source of inspiration for me.

The sixth installment of The Snow Queen finds little Gerda seeking the advice of two slightly eccentric loners, and advancing to the Snow Queen's fortress.  The first wave of foes she confronts there - in true, RPG fashion - is a veritable army of snowflake monsters resembling all manner of wildlife.  

"... and some few were like little fat bears with their hair bristled; but all were dazzlingly white, and all were living snow-flakes."