Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A New Blog for a New Year

Seeing as how 2007 has been the most eye-opening, heart-wrenching, and otherwise life-changing year of my life to date, I thought it fit to start a new blog for the new year and (dare I say it?) the new me that may very well be emerging. Yes, I know I said that old LiveJournal of mine was to be converted into a knitting blog (and even before that, a cooking blog) - and I suppose it still could; anything's possible - but I guess I never much cared for LiveJournal as a whole with that whole "community feel" it has going on - a community I never really felt too in touch with, really.

So here goes! A shiny new place for some shiny new stuff. Creative endeavors, the occasional news and goings-on, and of course, plenty of pictures of the ever-handsome Calico Jack for all his lady-fans.

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