Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Week Nothing Happened

Having spent the past week fighting off the cold that wouldn't die, I have been sitting home dwelling on the numerous problems with sitting home: namely my oven-like living room, having many windows, none of which are adequately covered, and the always loathsome daytime t.v. The former I managed to tolerate by means of alternately cranking the a/c and diving under blankets in an attempt to achieve some kind of balance, but afflicted with feverish symptoms, I had little luck. The latter led me to concoct the theory that daytime television was perhaps invented to punish the unemployed and somehow scold them into getting jobs so as to avoid watching things like Judge Judy, ancient re-runs of Full House, and a seemingly endless string (regardless of what channel one watches) of commercials for debt consolidation and lawyers who claim their services will result in cash materializing out of thin air because you deserve it. Oh, and weight-loss gimmicks of all kinds. Enough fatness-related advertising to give anyone an eating disorder. Of course, I have basic cable. Really basic. I guess, by today's standards anyway - just shy of 80 channels and NONE suitable for viewing before six in the evening.

That being said, I'm not much of a t.v. viewer. I'm more of a t.v. listener, while knitting or somehow occupying my hands with something; i.e.: my Nintendo DS. So while The Forensic Files or That Generic Hitler Show* droned on in the background, I spent most of my time - that is, the time that I could focus on something that small without feeling nauseous - working on my fabulous (though still singular) sock.
All I really have left to work is a couple more inches of foot and then the toe, but I've kind of blown off working on it all weekend, opting to frolic (well, not quite - maybe walk the dog, rather) in the pleasant weather and go on a shorts-buying spree (the sickness must have gotten to my brain). But, I'm sure my return to work tomorrow will make the prospect of sock-knitting seem exciting as ever by comparison.

*That Generic Hitler Show, though it should be, is not an actual show. It's just the name I've given for the many interchangeable, 30-minute segments of Nazi-related nonsense the History Channel churns out by the millions.

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