Sunday, April 27, 2008

Berry Blue

I just took my first stab at dyeing! Two big skeins of Knitpicks Bare dyed with delicious Berry Blue Kool-Aid as per this tutorial I found on I was pretty impressed with how easy it was and how well it came out, especially considering the fact that it's Kool-Aid and that my yarn was superwash - i.e., not 100% wool, but a 75/25 wool/nylon blend, which the tutorial warns against. The color is kind of uneven, but that's pretty much what you can expect from hand-dyed yarn. It just sucked up all the color as soon as I threw it in; no time to swish it around and try to get the color to soak up evenly.

All in all, more fun and less messy than anticipated. The hard part now is waiting for it to dry! I plan to use it to start knitting this as soon as possible.
I've also finished my fantabulous Rhiannon Socks and my Katamari...


...aaand we got MarioKart Wii at midnight last night. I honestly couldn't imagine how they were going to make Rainbow Road harder than in Double Dash - but they did.

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Literacy-chic said...

I love your Katamari! That is so cool! Not that I knew what a Katamari was, and now I know that it is magnetic and really cool looking! ThE socks are awesome.

Interesting... How colorfast is Koolaid? I knew a blond girl in high school who dyed her hair green using Koolaid, and if that's any indication, it won't come out easily, but I'd be afraid of turning blue while wearing my cute top! ;)