Monday, September 8, 2008

A Resolution

It has occurred to me that the harder I try to do nothing but study, the more I end up doing nothing at all. I have been mortified to find myself spending mind-numbing hours in front of the television and eating more than I'd like to - something I tend to do when I'm procrastinating.
Therefore, I hereby resolve to drag the knitting back out (having packed it away at the start of the semester) and to devote a substantial amount of time to reveling in its yarn-y goodness. I feel better just thinking about it. As it stands, Angel's earflap hat remains unfinished, temporarily lagged by some confusion with the i-cord trim, and my Hedera socks are stuck in SSS limbo. Additionally, I have since queued this fabulous, albeit mind-boggling, Entrelac Cube.
And to think, I wasted a whole week of hurricane vacation
(or "hurri-cation" as the locals have taken to saying) agonizing over homework that never got done instead of knitting. For shame!
I did however, senselessly evacuate to Dallas. At least Jack had a good time.

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fuzzyjay said...

Let me know if and when you attempt the cube. I'm going to post a simpler version soon, so you can use "training wheels."