Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer Cleaning

Although I started my Spring Cleaning while it was still actually spring, it seems to have spilled over into the summer. The goal has been to eliminate as much stuff as possible (fiercely), and to make the house feel neat, organized, and comfortable. A tall order, indeed, for someone who lives in a trailer. Anyway, things really started coming together last night when we realized that, having been liberated from the CABLE, we could finally move the T.V., thus allowing for glorious rearranging of the entire living room (with the exception of the giant sofa that can really only go in one spot).
I brought my little desk back out from where it had languished in the bedroom (for some reason I thought I'd get more work done if the desk was tucked away - not true, it turned out), and now my computer has a home! Just because it's a laptop shouldn't mean that it has to be a nomad, constantly roaming from the sofa to the ottoman to the kitchen table, etc. We finally took the wood glue to our crappy LACK coffee table and now it doesn't wobble anymore, nor is it sunk down in the corner next to the big sofa that is much too tall to render the table useful as anything except a hiding spot for the dog. Now it is by the door - a place for the phone (which needs replacing, but oh well), the modem, and our shoes which were previously strewn about the entryway all the time. Furthermore, the little bookshelf that used to be by the door was emptied of the handful of books and random stuff it used to hold, and now serves as a much needed annex to the DVD/game collection. Now, if I can just find permanent homes for all the things I've displaced... Onward to the bedroom!

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Alejandra said...

Doesn't it just feel so fantastic to clear things away? It's taken me a while, but I've been working on doing the same thing.