Thursday, February 11, 2010

Little Ida Is SO Emo

A normal person, confronted with the task of illustrating Little Ida's Flowers, would surely fill a page with brightly-colored, dancing flowers. I however, am no normal person, and I don't trust my imagination to be able to shake the influence of Disney's Fantasia in attempting such a thing. Surely, this little b&w girl is nothing new or original to anyone who has ever, say, shopped at Hot Topic; but I had fun drawing her anyway.

Why do my flowers look so sad today?

Furthermore, I've noticed a pattern. This must be some element of old Danish folklore: in two out of four stories, a character attempts to revive someone (or something) dead by having them "sleep" a night in someone else's bed. Little Claus tried it with his grandmother, and here, Ida tries it with her flowers. (Spoiler alert: neither of them met with any success; both of their subjects remained dead.)

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