Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Snow Queen: Finale

Seventh Story:
Of the Palace of the Snow Queen and What Happened There At Last
And so, after a year's time, my seventh and final illustration for Andersen's Snow Queen makes an appearance.
And in rather tiny proportions, at that!
Furthermore, for the first time in quite a while, I have some commentary about the story itself which I should like to insert just here:
What presents itself as an upright, Christian cautionary tale against the evils of reason (Reason being the vast mirror of the Snow Queen, a particle of which has become lodged in little Kay's eyeball, making him behave rather badly), proceeds to have the children fortified for their journey home by the means of most unholy acts of communion with a reindeer.

"He had brought another young reindeer with him and her udder was bursting with milk. The two children drank from it and the reindeer kissed them."
...and he had brought another young reindeer with him, whose udders were full, and the children drank her warm milk and kissed her on the mouth.

Of course, it is just a fairy story, after all. Snow Queens, ice monsters, and witches (having appeared in previous chapters) have no more place in a Christian parable than a small boy suckling at the engorged teat of a young reindeer. But then, what place do your values have in such a story either, Mr. Andersen?
Ah well. 'Til next time, kids; when I shall resume with Mother Elderberry.

* By the by, this little drawing was meant to be a rough sketch, but I took a liking to it and couldn't be buggered to do it over, so it measures <2" across.

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Anonymous said...

Fairy tale or not, I'd never approve of those kids drinking from the udder of a reindeer. Also, not all reasons are evil.