Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Flying Trunk

After reading The Garden of Eden, I flipped a few pages further along and noticed that the next story, The Flying Trunk, was quite short, so I went ahead and read it, too.  I did not like it.  The tale reaches something of a climax with the main character telling some kind of (allegorical? perhaps just nonsensical)  tale about kitchen matches, so I've taken this opportunity to do a little exercise of a still life drawing featuring a jar of burnt-up matches that have been collecting on my kitchen window sill.  I've always admired artists who could paint trompe l'oeil pictures of glassware, what with all the reflections and shadows and transparency - it presents quite a challenge.  Those things are not easy to draw in pencil, either, but where I really failed with this one is with the shapes.  I have a tendency to hold my paper at an angle while I draw, thus making all my shapes look distorted when I hold it up straight.  D'oh!
May I present what is probably the most awkward thing I've drawn in recent memory (but I suppose a crap story deserves a crap drawing):

"I feel as if I were really in the kitchen, and could see the matches; yes, you shall marry our daughter.”
[Graphite. Moleskine sketchbook. 5x~3"]

How's that for a caption?  Yep, that's how wacky this story was.
Wow, three posts already this year?

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