Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Buckwheat

Before reading Hans Andersen's The Buckwheat, I knew very little about buckwheat.  This limited information included namely that a) you can make pancakes out of it, and b) said pancakes taste much like dirt.  After reading (or sort of skimming, rather) The Buckwheat, I learned that it is a) a proud grain, and being so, b) it is particularly susceptible to lightning.

I'll go so far as to say that Andersen doesn't seem to have looped back around into sappy territory, but we are well within the realm of the tedious allegory.  See also: The Garden of Eden.  

I couldn't bear to do any translation comparison here, as I scarcely made it through two of the dullest pages I've ever attempted to read.  Having survived (remaining awake, at that!) I concluded that rather than drawing some buckwheat, I'd prefer to draw (as the story's title suggests, anyhow) THE Buckwheat.

“I am as valuable as any other corn.”
[Graphite. Moleskine. 4x6"]

And so I did.

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