Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Swineherd

The Swineherd wasn't exactly remarkable, but I liked that it was about a bitch getting her comeuppance - and hey, pigs.

I only bothered to do a quick, simple little doodle (although, I did bother to color it, as I'm rather in love with my Copic pens and eager for an excuse to use them).  I figured I've been drawing enough nasty pigs lately, and went for super-cute ones this time.  I've depicted the swineherd/prince character as a sort of wizard-like figure, and I guess he sort of is a wizard.

“A jolly old sow once lived in a sty,
Three little piggies has she,” &c.
[Copic. Sketchbook Paper. 6x4.5"]

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